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03-18-2013, 10:10 AM
Karate Johnson*
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Darcy still being here has the potential to set this team back even further....

If he HAS to make the playoffs to save his job he's not going to do what needs to be done....

The worst possible scenario for this team is Darcy and Rolston believing they can make the playoffs and save their jobs....

Darcy should have been fired with Lindy, could have taken our time bringing someone in and they would have been in place already to start building their team at this deadline, giving them a head start.

If Darcy hangs around til the end of the year then it just delays the inevitable....

I you're going nowhere it's better to be a seller at the deadline when your goal is success a few years down the road.

Pegula really needs to get his head out of his frack and do what he should have done multiple times since he bought the team.

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