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Originally Posted by Gump Hasek View Post
I was responding to your comment about Burmistrov. This discussion is not about the third or fourth line but rather is about Burmistrov specifically, yet for some reason on this board, on twitter, etc, some wish to frame any Burmistrov discussion as really somehow being conversely about poor third or fourth line performance of late without him in the lineup, as if the intent is to deflect the discussion away from that the team is clearly currently unhappy with Burmistrov himself.

This team has lacked depth since day one this season. They they've a weak bottom six group is nothing new nor does it deflect from Burmistrov's own erratic play. On a day when they could have obviously used a set of fresh legs in the lineup they still chose to sit him; that says something right there about his current value in the eyes of the team.

They may or may not choose to trade him; he might stay and may not improve whatever it is they find lacking and then they are left with a 175 pound enigma. They certainly could also trade him and find that over the long haul he plays better on another NHL team and perhaps might regret that result, at least in the eyes of some. He could also perhaps bolt to the KHL at the end of the season and then they are left with nothing but his RFA rights.

I'm fairly ambivalent about the guy but feel there are likely better options out there and as such am now leaning toward they should package him with other pieces and beef up the lacking depth; better that than to risk losing him in exchange for nothing at all aside from his RFA rights.
I don't want to see a wasted asset either and I have said repeatedly that I have no issue with the benching. I personally believe a more North/South approach will benefit Burmi personally as much as the team.

I am not in a position to be for or against the benching because I don't have all the info, nor do I have access to internal discussions or the coach's thought process. It is what it is as far as I am concerned.

That said I do however fail to understand how you can be happy with the team as it is currently constructed AND want an upgrade to the bottom 6. I also don't get denying the positive impact Burmi could have in that role. Welly and Antro both perform better and are more productive with Burmi that they are with Wright. That is undeniable and it isn't close.

That isn't me deflecting the fact that the team or Noel is upset with him, that is me hoping they get this resolved so the team can be better. I don't care if that comes via reinserting Burmi or trading him for somebody equally as useful. It just sucks knowing the team is worse than it has to be.

I don't care how it is resolved, but I would like resolution. Resolution will make the team better.

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