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Originally Posted by Guerzy View Post
The thing is though, perhaps I am misunderstanding, but while the statistics may indicate certain players are more useful with Burmistrov, the fact of the matter is the team was winning and playing pretty good hockey without him. So, what's the defining factor? The team winning (and enduring success) or guys like Antropov and Wellwood possibly being better with a guy like Burmistrov, because that's what the stats show?

I personally couldn't give a hoot whether guys like Antropov or Wellwood are better with Burmistrov, if we're winning without him. Team success over individual statistic success. Sure, more individual statistic success should or could bring more team success... but... that hasn't really been the case lately, I don't think?

I'm just not so sure I see it fit to say "It just sucks knowing the team is worse than it has to be", what works may simply be... what works. Regardless of how statistically better Antropov or Wellwood may be with Burmistrov.
The question is why did the team enjoy success over the last few games? That is what I look at.

In general I look at a game the same way whether it was a win or a loss.

I think we can say with certainty that the 4th hasn't been winning them games and we can say it probably wasn't the 3rd line that has been hemmed in their own zone allowing shots against more often than not.

LLW and Kane have been flat out dominating. Pav has been rock solid. That is where wins come from.

It would be one thing if Wright-Antro-Welly were getting beat up by tough opposition in order to free up the top 6, but they have been getting blasted by 3rd lines.

I try to use the same critical eye in a win as I do in a loss. I don't get how ignoring a plainly visible flaw because of a W serves a purpose.

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