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03-18-2013, 10:03 AM
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Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
I see what you're saying. "Competitive" has a different meaning for youth leagues than it does for adult leagues. During the developmental stage, "competitive" is a euphemism for "the best talent we can find to represent our program"... as opposed to "recreational" which is a nice way of saying "just try and have fun, kid".

At the adult level, unless you're a professional or a senior-leaguer, everyone gets dumped into the same talent pool and then sorted by the A/B/C/D system. At that point, "competitive" has a different meaning. C and D level hockey is more about skill development than serious competition. But at the A and B levels, there's an expectation that everyone on the ice is going to try as hard as they can to win the game. That's "competitive" hockey from the standpoint of being an adult amateur player. "Recreational" hockey means coming to drop-in and goofing around with your buddies. Unfortunately there are a lot of guys who sign up for organized league play even though they have the mentality of a drop-in player.

Sure, I agree with that in general. It's not like we're talking about televised hockey here. As long as you're giving your best effort, nobody is going to be too upset whether they win or lose. This is more about guys whose effort level is so low that they are a liability to their teammates, which goes beyond W/L and more into the territory of disrespect/contempt for the team.
Agreed 100%. You're still signing up for a team, it's a team sport and the concept is if a team does it's best they will win. If you're not in it to help the team win then you should be playing pickup where nobody is keeping score. I wonder if this is a generational gap as the kids being raised today play games where nobody keeps score and we have the laziest generation of kids in the history of the world. On the other hand since we're talking about rec league I think it's up to all types of players to find the best fit for them. If you're on a team where it's win at all costs and if you lose guys are throwing sticks after the game then you can always find a different team. If I'm on a team where nobody cares about winning then I'll find a new team. One thing about being an adult is you're not going to change people's mentality by yelling and screaming at them. Find the place where you belong and you're happy, fun is subjective.

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