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03-18-2013, 10:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Libbs View Post
So now with all these pointless games out of the way, we can get back to watching some exciting hockey! These last 4 home games have been excruciatingly boring.

Bonus for me is that the people around me are finally getting sick of those 2 old men that spend all game ripping on Frk. It's section 7's very own Statler and Waldorf! It's like they come specifically to the game to pick apart Frk for no apparent reason and it's awfully annoying. So every time they start ragging on him, we will cheer louder for Marty. The best today was the little old lady in section 6, "oh would you shut up!"
Those people are so annoying (not the people you are talking about, but their type). Frk has been excellent for most of the year, he has had lots of nice goals and assists, and has stayed pretty disciplined. Why should he be yelled at all game? Its sad when people make up their mind that they don`t like someone and it dominates their game experience (and others around them).

I`ve had people around me in the past who literally sit with their arms folded, emotionless, unless its to scream at a certain player. What a miserable way to take in a game.

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