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03-18-2013, 10:14 AM
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Originally Posted by PokeCheck101 View Post
Four or five...... Either way, sounds good to me. Don't get too quick to rank any teams yet guys. There will be some growing pains for city folks. Practices during week and games on weekend + travel. Looking forward to the added parody in the north.
I agree. SHA knows the actual participation numbers per capita in all regions and number of teams should be based on these numbers.
Regina at three teams is perfect. They were very competitive this year in with a strong 1998 born age group . Next year they will not be quite as good and then they are strong in the 2000 age group.

If Saskatoon come in with 4 and dominate over 3-5 years then why can SHA not tweek them up to 5 teams especially if their overall participation numbers increase same goes for Regina.

I would far sooner see the teams be perennially stronger than weaker because overall strength leads to better overall development in my opinion.

Let's look at the SBAAHL season and playoffs this year. Anybody on any given night can and did win. In consolation playoffs the 8th seed took out the 1st seed and the 7th seed took out the 2nd seed. In the North the 3rd and fourth seeds are in the final. The south semifinals and finals are ultra competitive.

Some minor tweeks could make it better but in the big picture of things this league caused teams like MJ and Humbolt to step up their play and improve much like every team in the whole league and if you look at playoff results this happend bigtime.

Welcome Saskatoon no matter the number of teams. You will not be DISAPOINTED>

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