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03-18-2013, 10:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Blue And Orange View Post
CFL is pretty popular in Edmonton, although it's below the radar when compared to the Oilers and the NHL.

I live in Toronto, but grew up in Edmonton and there is a huge distinction in popularity of the CFL in both cities. The CFL is pretty relevant in the the Alberta Capital but it's completely an afterthough in Toronto.

Despite the fact that the Argos won the Grey Cup, the Argos get less coverage than the Raptors and Toronto FC in terms of media coverage.

I think people my age are more catered to the NFL product over the CFL and this doesn't apply to Torontonians, but football fans across Canada. The NFL is a 9 billion dollar juggernaut and find ways to attract fans from across the globe, something the CFL doesn't have.
I don't really know that the CFL wants that. They tried and it failed. They'll never be able to compete with football in the US so just stick to trying to sell the game in Canada.

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