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03-18-2013, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by JoemAvs View Post
Roy instead of Quinn as overdue successor of Sacco?

Sure. Where do I sign.

Roy replacing Sacco and Sherman (for the record I want to fire both):

No. Never. Please don't do this.

If Roy wants to coach the Avs, I would love to see it. It could and I believe it would ultimately fail but it is not like Sacco or Quinn will do anybetter.

A new GM? Yeah please. But we have to get rid of PL and his cronies at the same time. Otherwise it would not make sense.

Replacing coach and GM with Roy?

Horrible. It will fail beyond belief. This only works in soccer, where the manager can only spend so much money to improve the team he coaches.
But in a capworld with draftpicks? Oh God Hell No.

Imagine Sacco as GM. He would give an 8 yr 25 M deal to Hunwick and trade Barrie for a vet the first chance he gets.
It is just such a conflict of interest. Coach always has to take the "win-now" approach. A GM has to look out for the long-term future of the franchise.

I believe a scenario with Roy being GM and coach under the guidance of PL would turn out worse than the current situation.

God No. Rather keep Sherman and get someone like Cooper or Eakins.

This former superstar who takes on a dual managing/coaching role already failed horribly in Phoenix with freaking Gretzky.

Please spare me from reliving that on the Avs.

Is there a slight chance that it works? Yes. But there is also a slight chance that Sacco becomes a Stanley Cup winning coach.

And right now I would not be sure which one I would take if I would have to bet on one.
I don't believe Wayne Gretzky was ever the GM in Phoenix. Mike Barnett was GM when Wayner was coaching the yotes.

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