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03-18-2013, 10:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Jussi View Post
There are barely any teams in Mestis capable of coming up with a budget for SM-Liiga level requirements. Kookoo is the only with an arena of plus 5000 (theirs is 6000). There is no way any team in Mestis could join KHL. They would require a foreign backer to fund basically everything. And since Kookoo is the only one with an adequately sized arena, the bigger problem is the fans alarming lack of interest on the team. Hardly anyone remembers when was the last time that arena was sold out since their attendance average isn't even best in Mestis (barely above 2000).
This way that you are thinking now is what most people in Northern Europe do. You look at the Mestis clubs and think "they have this budget and this roster now, so they will have no chance to compete with teams in SM-liiga". Yes?

But, if a Mestis team would get a spot in SM-liiga, they would get more and better sponsors, more fans would come and see the games and they would get better players for their team.

The same way goes for a team joining the KHL.

And the problem as I see it, lays much in Northern Europeans that think the same way like you do now. You can't see a big change happening and you only see the negative aspects of it all.

Do you honestly believe that a Mestis club could not get better sponsors if they played in the worlds next best league, above the Finnish national league, and that fans that thinks Mestis is boring and won't attend the games would feel the same way about KHL?

Also Arena size is not much of a problem at all. New arenas can be built and existing arenas can be upgraded.

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