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03-18-2013, 10:35 AM
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Originally Posted by petrishriekandgo View Post
So hard to say, can you really pick one year over another as a better opportunity? look at the Kings last year. Theoretically the Canucks could be set up like this going into the playoffs:

a) D set, gelled and performing well with set pairings
b) All Forwards back healthy and ready to go
c) All slumps busted (Burrows, PP, PK, D. Sedin, Edler etc.) and humming
d) Coming in on a roll (typical time for Canucks to start rolling)
e) Young players legs finally under them (Kassian, Schroeder, Jensen(?), Lain(?)) with rolls and lines defined

That's a distinct possibility, team is too talented/deep (when healthy) for most if not all of the above to happen. Really... short of a twin or a goalie getting a season ending injury (knock, knock, knock) it can't get much worse for the 'Nucks.

IF Gillis/AV are projecting a turnaround based on that list above in most of the areas above why wouldn't you ad pieces?
Following that logic, AV needs to be replaced a la Murray for Sutter.

My two cents: this team has gone through a bit of an identity crisis this season with the depletion at center. It's affected their defensive coverage and the PP the most, but in other aspects as well. So long as we make the playoffs, and I think the chances are still good that we do (thank goodness for the craptastic NW), all of that soul-searching and adversity could work in our favor in the postseason.


Because the playoffs are a sprint. The team that's playing the hottest that has enough depth to overcome line-matching and injuries usually wins. The past two seasons, IMHO, the team developed bad habits because they were maybe too well-suited to dominate in the regular season. They could count on a killer PK and PP, stellar goaltending and playing teams that never got a chance to seriously scout them.

Well, not this season. This season it'll be a down to the wire dogfight to make it in. They'll hopefully be getting some healthy bodies back right around that time. And if things start clicking, there's nothing that buoys the spirits more than to finally start winning after a season of tribulations. Teams like that tend to be a very tough out in the playoffs and I hope the timing is right for that to happen.

That and a legitimate 3rd line center. Good God we need one of those.

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