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03-18-2013, 10:54 AM
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Originally Posted by triggrman View Post
Seriously? I get as mad at Trotz as anyone but no one really thinks it's time for him to go do they? I man, hasn't he earned a bit of a pass with some of the rosters we've had that managed to make the playoffs.

Even last season, talent wise we should not have beaten Detroit in round one.
We had a better roster than Detroit. They had better top tier talent but a severe drop off after that. We were able to roll 4 lines last year.

Here's the thing, when Trotz is getting the most out of his roster, there is probably no one better out there but is he getting those results now? 10/11/12 and 74 have been an enigma all season long. Josi has filled in fine for Suter but no one has stepped up to fill Josi's role alongside Klein. He got Hali back on track with a trip to the minors but other than that, who is playing well? Josi, Wilson, Klein, Bourque, Weber and Rinne have been solid. Clune works hard and had been getting decent results and then guess what happens, his minutes have been severely cut for whatever reason. Remember he was playing with Smith and SK and they had some decent chemistry and they get broken up. This is what's maddening to me. Break up lines that create chances game in and game out but keep lines together that haven't been working for quite some time.

We used to go on the road and do some damage. The only damage that is done is that my poor eyes have to watch this crap. Two shorties in the last three games against us? Brain fart after brain fart. When is it going to end?

Here's the thing and it irks me beyond belief. Weber is an all world defenseman. We all agree on that. When he's playing within himself and with no show of outward emotion, he's a damn fine hockey player. When he gets rankled or upset, he turns into a freaking beast out there. When he gets mad, he gets downright mean and honestly, if I'm the other team, I try to keep him as calm as I can during the game. However, why is someone on our team not kicking him in the 'nads before a game or slapping his face or insulting him to get him into beast mode? Why is the coaching staff not imploring him to play like he did after he got sticked in the face in the Dallas game? He can learn to play like a beast and not go into the penalty box. Guys who play with an edge will take some penalties but we act as if he's going to be in the sin bin all night because he's mad. Did he take a penalty against Dallas after getting a high stick to his face? No. So why don't we want the beast on the ice for us night in and night out? Do you think the NJ coaches said to Stevens, Scottie, please calm it down, we don't want you playing physical because you might end up in the box. Do you think any team Pronger played for said Chris, you're a bad arse but you've got to tone it down. Absolutely not, they used that to their advantage. You knew not to go across the middle of the ice because Stevens would lay you out. You knew not to go to the front of the net because Pronger would knock you to your knees and then wail away on your back with his stick. Guys don't want to go to the corner with Weber when he's in that mode. They don't want to be anywhere near him. It also fires up the rest of the team. Heaven forbid we play with an edge and emotion. Let Weber be the beast and let him unleash the fury. I guarantee the efforts from everyone on the team would be a lot higher and these guys would go to battle with one another each and every night. We need a coach that can ignite that fire in Weber each and every night.

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