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03-18-2013, 11:04 AM
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Originally Posted by snarktacular View Post
I said it before and I'll say it again. A playoff run is much more important than the meager assets Perry would return. I'm all for selling heavily. I've advocated for it before. But only when the team is not going to make the playoffs.

If you keep Perry, yes you lose the 1st + B prospect that you would get in return. But you also get a) a playoff run and possible championship b) increased chance of being able to keep Perry.

It's not black and white. Decisions can't always be made on demand. Maybe Perry really has decided to move on. Or he may be undecided. Or he may want to test the market but be willing to come back. If you sell him, he's gone for sure. If you keep him around for a run, then returning might look like a better option.

If you want to sell Perry, then don't half-ass it. Concede the playoffs. Koivu, Steckel, Lydman must all also go. Souray too IMO, but that will be less popular. You'll also be run out of the GM job.
That's the thing, Murph isn't going to pull the trigger unless it's significant assets that he's getting back. The ONLY way this trade works is if one of the pieces is a roster player that can contribute at least some of Perry's production. That might be a tall order but he has to explore those options because I don't believe Perry is going to sign with us. He would have done it by now.

But if Murph simply wants SOMETHING for Perry than I can see him moving his rights at the draft for a couple of picks. But if he has the opportunity to improve this team long-term and can find a decent replacement for him in the top-6 I say go for it.

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