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Originally Posted by Bender View Post
Lol...yes it is. It's not just on the Avs, it's universal.

- Why is Matt Hunwick given big minutes most nights when he provides very little to this lineup?

- Why are players going from healthy scratch to playing over 20mins+ per game?

- Why doesn't Joe Sacco put on his BEST FACEOFF man (statistically speaking) late in game when down by one goal?

All great questions that can only be answered in the depths of the dementia within Sacco's brain.

Curious coaching decisions will affect players in different ways. To suggest otherwise is just plain silly.

Why do you think the team laid a giant egg on the very same day that the team seemed to be on the upswing after beating Chicago and San Jose and set to face Edmonton, when Tyson Barrie was sent back down to Edmonton?? It's because the rest of the team KNOWS that Barrie is MUCH, MUCH, MUCH better than Hunwick, RoB and Zanon and actually COULD help them get more victories and the guy gets sent down!?!? Is this real life??

Players have different personalities, some are greatly affected by stuff like this and some are not at all. Joe Sakic & Peter Forsberg are guys who just wanted to get out there and play and if that meant starting the season with a no-name scrub like Steve Brule, so be it. Ryan O'Reilly is a guy like this, regardless if he's playing with Mitchell and Palushaj or Landeskog, he'll always give you what he's got. Other players analyse the situation and adapt their play based on how the coach uses them. Paul Stastny, nearly everyone loves to dump on him but fail to realize that he produced as a #1 center until the organization stopped considering him the top center on the team.

When I played hockey as a kid, I remember playing on this one team with an idiot for a coach. I was in the top 3 in scoring amongst the forwards but the coach had his OWN SON 'Kevin' on the team and he was HORRIBLE but for some reason, he was blind to this fact. So as the season wore on, he would push myself and others down the depth chart in favor of Kevin. Whenever there was a close game, he'd always throw his son out there whereas I would either be on the ice and wondering WTF Kevin was doing out there or I'd be watching from the bench. It actually affected my game where I was actually starting to doubt myself and my abilities and my confidence was shaken. The next year, I was on a different team with a coach that put his faith in me and I ripped up the league and won the scoring title.

This is absolutely a true story where an idiot coach affected my play and that of several others on the team due to just not having a clue about what he was doing. This is just one example but most people who have played some sort of competitive hockey have a story similar to this one. Some players need to have the confidence of their coach to perform. Some produce despite not having it but not everyone is the same and that's the point.

You don't think Sacco giving more minutes to Hunwick has ANY affect on EJ's confidence and his overall play? I absolutely, categorically DISAGREE.
Thanks for sharing this story with us, it explains a lot.

I bet a lot of players hate the way Sacco handles his roster and EJ might be suffering from this.

But putting all the blame on Sacco is an easy way out... EJ started the year on the first PP unit and he sucked.

Eventually he'll have another oportunity on the PP, and i hope he makes a better use of it

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