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03-18-2013, 11:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Fan Of Every Anton View Post
I think Morin is equally guilty of starting the brawl, but I assume you mean Desbiens because Morin could be a pretty good NHL player.

You can't throw punches at a guy while you're on the bench, but it was a pretty gutless hit to throw when time is running out in a loss.
Gutless? Had the bench door been closed it would've been a non issue. The Wolves were down by one, and there was still enough time to score a goal, are the Wolves suppose to just give up and say good game when there is still time to score? If it was 2+ goal lead than you'd have a point but in a one goal game? Come on man...

Morin shouldn't have started going after Desbiens for that hit, it was a nothing hit that got escallated because some idiot didn't shut the bench door properly.

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