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03-18-2013, 12:27 PM
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As for the brawl itself......gutless moves by gutless players.Every one of the so called "tough guys" that rockford has all are guilty of writing checks with their mouths that their ass can't cash.
Has Beach EVER hit anyone who was actually looking at him? If I said what I really think Id probably be thrown off this board for life.

So with that being said I'll leave it with this and I was there and heard the whole conversation....Rockford asst. coach was walking to bus after game and a buddy said to him that he noticed the coach grab a rockford player and throw him against the back wall of bench during responded and i quote...." I hate that guy." to which a fan responded..."We don't like any of the rockford players." Said coach responded again and I quote....." NEITHER DO I." that right there is all you need to know about rockford and it's players.

Again gutless moves by gutless pukes...Morin, Flick, Pirri...funny Morin, Pirri, Beach these guys were all touted as future stars in the NHL, yet they have all been passed over time and time and time again for guys like Shaw and Bollig.....hmmmmmm wonder why?????

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