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Mark Howe was indeed a forward starting out and was converted in the old WHA... that was a great move as it turned out.

I have been concerned with Couts and his perchance for losing the puck around the Flyers Blue Line of late... may not be that many times I suppose, but there have been a few disasters and potential disasters... and some bumpy rides in the D-Zone after them. Converting him to D and changing his philosophy and outlook I suppose does not necessarily mean he would be a liability with that, and I imagine could even correct it in the long run... not to say that I'm saying it is a long-term problem with him that will doom him going forward... I have just been concerned with his decisions and reactions lately, where I wasn't last season. I imagine those on here with firsthand experience will be able to give a better evaluation of him on this matter... and I could be just making a mountain out of a mole hill.

My thinking on converting him to D is that it is a major move and not one to make without being positive that it is best for him and not merely to fill a present need on the team -- Kappy was a dire D-man PostSeason move when the Flyers' collective backs were against the wall... and with an exceptional guy who was up to the task -- Howe, it must be kept in mind, was not having a problem at forward in any manner IIRC... it was not to correct any part of his game. That said, it was a huge gambol with a major talent that paid off in spades... and was by far an exception rather than a guideline.

I believe such conversions are almost 100% done before the professional level... and in the minors at best... even Howe's was done in a wildcat league that was not afraid to gambol in order to progress. The WHA was all about taking high risks for high rewards IMO. I believe if Couts had displayed to anyone the signs of becoming an exceptional D-man, someone in his development stages would have acted on it by now.

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