Thread: TSN 1260: What's going on? Part 3
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03-18-2013, 12:35 PM
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Originally Posted by abootzky View Post
I like both Lowetide and his show although there was what I judged to be a ridiculous moment this past Saturday. With the Oil coming off of awful back-to-back shutout losses, I tuned into Lowetide's new show for some kind of fresh insight only to hear him and some nerd doing an extremely thorough breakdown of Magnus Paajarvi's advanced stats for the Nashville game. It just struck me as absurd for some reason.
So you like Lowetide, but you don't like him doing exactly what makes him who he is? Lowetide is a super positive dude and he's a stats nerd for people who aren't prone to stats nerdery. He's the best blogger in the Oilogosphere by a long shot and he has the only radio show I try to catch every week.

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