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Originally Posted by detrude View Post
Bender you've been a Roy supporter for as long as I can remember, how would you describe him as a coach? I know he's fiery and competitive, but is he a good tactician? What kind of system does he run? His teams seem to be pretty good defensively (top 5 in each of the past few seasons), but also score a lot, too.
Sure I've been a Roy supporter for a super long time but that doesn't mean I have any real insight into his strengths as a coach or whatever. I just see his record in junior and take it at face value. He won a memorial cup, his first year coaching iirc and he's had a winning record every single year. That's OUTSTANDING and incredibly difficult to do because you generally don't keep the same players for more than 2-3 years and have to deal with a constant roster turnover.

Being realistic with how this team operates, if we have the choice between any of the coaches we have in our system AND ONLY 'friends to the franchise' type candidates, I believe that Roy is by far the best candidate.

The hope that I have that it will be Roy also stems from the Granato and Sacco hirings, where we got a guy with a brutal or non-existent track record to coach this team. That's just not going to work.

Roy has always excelled at whatever he's done and while I was actually skeptical when he decided to coach a junior team, the results speak for themselves.

Originally Posted by Lonewolfe2015 View Post
I'm Jon Cooper and I endorse this message.
I would be pretty happy if we went out and got a coach that has no real ties with this organization. It would have been nice if we had done it with Dineen, Deboer or Guy Boucher before we decided to hire Sacco. All good young, up and coming coaches, like Cooper is but I'm just being realistic about the way this franchise operates.

It's like Lacroix did it with Crawford and it really didn't end well and ever since that time, he decided it's either going to be someone he knows or someone that he's brought in through the minors.

Not saying it's the right way to go, just saying that's the way it seems to be.

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