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03-18-2013, 12:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Jonimaus View Post
That's not what you wrote. You wrote "1 To lose one or more club for KHL? 2 Or to lose all good players who would play in Gdansk, Oslo, Helsinki, Kopenhagen, Hamburg ... just an example."

Meaning: If we send 1-3 clubs to KHL, you won't sign the best swedish players. If that's not what you ment, you have to try harder to get your point out. You gave us a choice, send a few clubs or lose players, meaning both would not happen.
Maybe I was not exact. I mean that european hockey has changed since 2008 and another changes will come sooner than later. Swedish clubs dont want to join KHL, but top players of Elitserien can be lured by KHL teams. It is only a matter of time and salary of course. IMO KHL wants to create its clubs in Finland, Norway, Poland (very realistic), maybe Germany, Denmark. Many norwegian players play Elitserien. KHL clubs from Norway, Germany or Denmark would not skate only Norwegians, Germans, Danes but also Swedes... who play Elitserien now. Even Zagreb or Milan can lure Swedes (not so many as Norwegian club of course).

Elitserien clubs can choose, if want to join KHL or not. If they join, they will play KHL and sign many Elitserien players from clubs which stay in SEL (+ swedish guys in NA). If they dont join KHL, will play Elitserien but wont be able to keep its best players who chose KHL club in Norway etc instead. What is better for swedish hockey?

I know what is mentality of nordic countries, I see it. On the other hand there is a "hockey war". IMO Swedes dont have any chance to challenge KHL, no money. I say you, current average budgets of KHL clubs are 10-20 mil euro now but will increse to average 30-40+ mil euro in next decade or two. I can not imagine that swedish league can challange it, especially if they lose its best players for NHL, KHL.. because they will, it is reality, sad reality for swedish hockey from my point of view. I accept another point of view as well.

Of course, this dont have to happen... all depends on KHL´s expansion and global economy (btw, follow russian central bank´s changes)

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