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Originally Posted by getrdone71 View Post
Hey Massey when I read your comments you blame every single lose on one player and constantly say we will win or loose games due to what style of game he has.I personally think this is a team sport and every game we lose is reflected on some way on how the team played. Go back to the game against Saginaw if boucher score on the power play on that OPEN Net we are 2 goals up. Do we blame him for not being able to hit the net all the time NO we don't cause if he could score on every shot he would have over 200 goals.
Also when looking at your year end report you can't understand why Nemechek doesn't see more ice time and hope next year he will see more. Personally after watching him play limited time you have to wonder why we would waste the import pick next year to have a kid sit in the stands and there is a reason to that if you watch him play.He is a nice kid and all but not. Talented enough for the OHL.

Back to what matters is hope the boys can come out flying this weekend and create an upset with the Whalers which will be hard to do but,but anything can happen we have played the #1team in the OHL very well this entire year.

Sorry for any mistakes in writing as I am doing good hid on my playbook and it sucks. Lol
Firstly,I have never blamed him for ALL the loses the team has.Yes it is a team sport but Also a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.I am very critical of his style of play in the games when it becomes a liability for the team.Again his best games came after being benched.I will gladly ask you to go to the game archives on the OHL website and review the games about our D man.Home and away.I have.I didnt miss a home game.Then you decide. Dont even go there with Boucher as this player worked hard for this team both Offensively and DEFENSIVELY for the Sting.More than others can say.As for Nemecek,How can you make a decision if he hasnt played.Give the kid a break,as a matter of fact,any kids that sit as many games as he has,cant be properly assessed.i agree if you dont want to play them then dont waste an import pick

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