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03-18-2013, 02:15 PM
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don't get the idea. KHL is planning to have teams in markets with close to 0 hockey interest, meaning who the hell will want to sponsor a team like that? Close to all money will have to be given to them by the league/tv deal.
A company which want to establish itself in russian market? Oil company which cooperate with Russians? Russians? Money is not a problem.

If KHL wanted, it would be able to match NHL´s budgets tommorow. Even KHL clubs could have bigger budgets.But KHL does not want it, not now.

I would be very interested to hear what the Czech republic 'lost' and how it hurt them. Also I would like to hear how Sweden and Czech Republic are so radically different as part of the reason why it would work in Czech but not in Sweden.
It depends who you talk to. If ultras fans of Sparta who has anti-russian attitude, he/she will tell you KHL is cancer of czech hockey. If fans of hockey who does not have anti-russian attitude, he/she tell you that is happy for great hockey games in Prague. The same about Bratislava.

IMO Swedes are more conservative than Czechs. Prague is center of Russians in Europe. Russians have big lobby/influence in Czech rep. That is one of reasons why HC Lev is succesfull. I am not sure the same enviroment is somewhere in Sweden.

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