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03-18-2013, 01:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Mrb1p View Post
Yeah, I gave up with you.
I tried explaining it to you kindly but you just denied all I said and came back with another foolish argument.

It's not statistics, opinion or anything subjective. It's facts.

Your NHL D corp is old and you only have McQuaid and Hamilton under 26 that can make an impact right now... This is what this thread is about.
Members of the team that makes an impact right now and in the future.
Will Chara make an impact in the future ? No, he'll be long gone. Seidenberg ? NO. Ference? No. Boychuck? NO.

Your D depth is weak as of right now, and there's nothing to more to say about that.
You still have one of the best young core in the league and I never denied that.
Originally Posted by Mrb1p View Post

Thank you for acknowledging our team as a whole, but the second statement about making an impact right now is debatable since they have allowed the least amount of goals in the NHL. Right now, which is what you said, that's good is it not?

We have youth waiting that are very promising, but do you move people out when they are posting the best defensive numbers? What would you do in this case? Would you sacrifice the most working system we have to bring in players JUST based on youth and not actual defensive depth? There's a new thread in itself LOL
No matter how you twist it you're wrong and you don't want to acknowledge it.
Anyway, I think we're done here.

Originally Posted by Kopiterror View Post
How is the defense obviously strong? Pitt's defense is very mediocre. Pitt has perhaps the best young core of forwards. Defensively and goaltending-wise, I would not agree.
Well seeing as Despres is a top 4 dman at 22 years old and Letang is a top Dman in the league and that they have one of the best D pool in the league, I'd say it's pretty much a strenght.

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