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Originally Posted by Inferno View Post
I think what ppl fail to understand is that Torts, for the most part, REWARDS people for taking action, for being aggressive for "Trying to make a play".

Miller tries, and fails..but he doesn't give up, he keeps trying, and I personally believe that Torts wants him to keep trying, but to also learn from his mistakes and continue to get better.

The difference between Miller and Kreider has been startling...Kreider wasn't TRYING to make anything happen...he was just a body. Miller has made efforts...has he had lots of turnovers and bad plays? Yes. He's a kid, you should EXPECT that...but he's trying, he's got balls, and I think Torts likes that. When Kreider forces the issue, when he starts playing more like Miller, his talent will eventually win out. I haven't seen his games in Hartford, but I'd like to think he's learning that making a play, and waiting for a play, are 2 very different things. Unless you are Marian Gaborik with 40+ goal pedigree, waiting for the play ain't gonna cut it.
Absolutely agree with your points. Miller keeps moving forward, doesn't hesitate to take the shot and generally keeps his feet moving. Kreider had brain freeze constantly when he was playing with the Rangers. I also don't buy the story that Kreider was so afraid of getting benched that he couldn't play his game. Professional hockey players can't live in fear of anything--getting hit, getting injured by a rut in the ice, etc. They have to go out every shift and keep their feet moving and play hard. Miller's done that, Kreider hasn't.

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