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03-18-2013, 02:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Verviticus View Post
we could play jordan for 60 minutes a night - that's all bonus ice time yeah! go succeed oh wait he's dead

opportunity to succeed != responsibility. they aren't exclusive but they cover very different things.
Laughed harder than I should've at that.


And c'mon, seriously, putting a small rookie centre on the point on your failing PP isn't doing him or the PP any favours. That 4th line posting was just plain stupid. It's not just about giving Schroeder the best opportunity, it's about using him for what he's actually good for. And 4th line banging and crashing obviously isn't it. AV seems to have it in his head that anyone coming up from the minors has to do it the Kesler/Burrows route when the natural aptitude just isn't there for that. I don't like that playing with decent offensive players has to be thought of as something that needs to be earned, as though the lines from 4 to 1 are thought of as hierarchical rather than functional. It shouldn't be "You need to work your way up through the lines" it should be "Here's what you're good at, so here's what you should be doing" imho.

Raymond--Schroeder--Hansen. Just do it, AV. Use your head, man.

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