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03-18-2013, 01:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Tiranis View Post
The PP wasn't working prior to him being on it and he was put out of position, in what possible universe is that an opportunity to succeed? An opportunity to succeed is being put on the 1st line with the Sedins playing at their best, or being put as a trigger-man on an otherwise working PP, or playing next to Crosby/Malkin.

He was given an opportunity to make a difference but that's very different from being put in a position to succeed.
Your standard for being put in a position to succeed is incredibly high. Playing with the Sedins when they are at their best = playing with two Art Ross winners. Playing with Crosby/Malkin? That is just unreasonable. I agree with vanwest, being played on the number one PP is being given a chance to succeed. What more does Alain Vigneault have to do? What more CAN he do? Why does Schroeder deserve anything more?

Originally Posted by arsmaster View Post
You don't see how you saying that makes no sense?

He's getting put on the point on the PP. That isn't his game or his position.

It'd be like calling up Corrado and putting him on the Sedin's just doesn't make sense.

If they put him in front of the net as the screen, maybe that's a bit better place to succeed, but playing him on the point was not, and still won't be if they try it again.
This is rubbish. Schroeder hasn't only being played on the point, he has also being played on the farside (where Kesler used to play) AND was tried out in the high slot. He hasn't succeeded in any of these three spots, but yet people continue to complain that he isn't being "given a chance."

Will guess what? Schroeder also hasn't succeeded on the PP under either of his two AHL coaches. Did they also not "give him a chance"?

When will people start questioning Schroeder's skill set? Surely we can't blame the coaches he has played under for the last 5 or so years....Perhaps he just isn't that talented?

EDIT: Just wanted to add that I am not declaring him a bust. I like Schroeder, has a reasonable amount of skill, good speed, and seems determined. I just think his offensive potential is rather limited. Still a useful player.

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