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03-18-2013, 01:42 PM
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The attitude in Sweden is that Sweden does not care about KHL. It's a league that gets 0 spotlight in the news. I'm not saying NHL gets much, because NHLs spotlight is minimal too, but KHL gets 0 unless a plane crashes. There's no anti-russia attitude, it's simply as I said, people don't care about KHL, and we don't want to lose our rivalries. Noone would go watch a game against Bratislava or Prag or whatever, because there is no rivalry. If KHL would take most of the clubs in SEL, form a nordic division with finnish, norwegian and danish clubs, the fans could be open to talk.
And it is a reason why I think that KHL does not want swedish club. It is better and easier for KHL to have clubs in Finland, Norway, Poland etc which lure best players of Elitserien.

I know fans in Sweden and Slovakia/Czech rep are different but the same arguments were here before joining KHL. Media did not care about KHL. NOW every day 2+ articles in every newspapers, websites, television, radio.. not about KHL as league but Slovan as club of KHL. It is less attention in Czech rep with Lev, but it wil increase.
Fans also said that no rivarly, did not care about KHL... NOW they follow russian clubs, know its players, care about them. Of course, not all, but definitelly more fans than before joining KHL

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