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03-18-2013, 02:00 PM
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Originally Posted by metmag View Post
Why can you do it in the Czech Rebublic and have 7161 people fill the arena on average, and do the same thing in Sweden and have 0 people?
read my posts in this thread...

IMO Swedes are more conservative than Czechs. Prague is center of Russians in Europe. Russians have big lobby/influence in Czech rep. That is one of reasons why HC Lev is succesfull. I am not sure the same enviroment is somewhere in Sweden.
I know fans in Sweden and Slovakia/Czech rep are different but the same arguments were here before joining KHL. Media did not care about KHL. NOW every day 2+ articles in every newspapers, websites, television, radio.. not about KHL as league but Slovan as club of KHL. It is less attention in Czech rep with Lev, but it wil increase.
Fans also said that no rivarly, did not care about KHL... NOW they follow russian clubs, know its players, care about them. Of course, not all, but definitelly more fans than before joining KHL

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