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03-18-2013, 02:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Jonimaus View Post
I don't know how people in Czech Rebublic works, but it's pretty obvious that if they were to create a new KHL club, they would do it in one of 3 cities: Malmö, Gothenburg or Stockholm.

Malmö: 90% football town, cares very little for hockey. Has been talks previously of this team joining KHL because the team has very slim chances of returning to the SEL anytime soon, and the arena owner is pressuring them.
Gothenburg: Football town, cares for hockey but has a popular team and people would not switch to support a new team. No room for a 2nd club.
Stockholm: Again, football town, but has 3 clubs in the 2 highest divisions, 2 of them with great fansupport, who would rather die than switch club. The supporters in stockholm are fanatics of their clubs.

Bottom line is: the 3 possible cities does not care, or does not want.

I've seen vorky write he dislikes arenas with less than 11,000 seats. No club outside of those 3 cities has any possibility what-so-ever of supporting an arena even close to that. Most SEL teams sit around 6000-7500, and very few of them gets sold out.
That is how I see it as well, but not living in Sweden

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