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03-18-2013, 02:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Beau Knows View Post
The thing about how 2-way players are perceived that I don't like is how defense is viewed as more important than offense. Why? If a player is a 1-way player (no offense, or no defense), then a player who has solid defense and offense is clearly a better 2-way player.

But why is player B a better 2-way than player A in this example (using numbers to represent proficiency):

Player A:
offense: 80
defense: 60

Player B:
offense: 60
defense: 80

Are 2-way players ranked simply by how good they are defensively with a tie-breaker going to offense? Shouldn't both sides of the game be viewed as equal for a 2-way player? Aren't Player A and B are equal in terms of 2-way ability?
Because "two-way" player doesn't mean some kind of evenly split ratio, it's referring to a player who actively tries to balance out their defensive and offensive contributions.

If Sidney Crosby scores 140 "offense points" and 40 "defense points", while Pavel Datsyuk scores 90 for both, Datsyuk is a better two-way player and Crosby is a better producer.

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