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Originally Posted by Ivan13 View Post
Patrick Roy is a players coach and he's also a pretty good tactician who knows who to get the best out of his players. He's also an offensively oriented coach, I remember he got into an argument about how Boucher and coaches like him are ruining the QMJHL (and making it unwatchable) and its player development by forcing their players to play trap which hampers their offensive development.
I heard this argument broken down and talked about in the past as well. While Roy is known for his fire and emotion, hes also known as a players coach. His players love him.

You do have to remember that Roy while he does have fire, understands what it's like to have a coach that is a serious hard ass (Heartly).

People grow and mature/calm down a bit as they get older when it comes to the way they handle things. If Roy can handle guys like Grigorenko, with big egos and offensive flare, and allow them to flourish. I think he can handle an even more mature, but still young NHL roster.

Roy commands respect, is super competitive, has shown hes smart tactically, and is known as a players coach. While also having an offensive coaching style. Our team is going to be somewhere between LA & CHI when it comes to style. We need a coach that can make that happen.

With the 'In the organization' attitude, Roy is our best hope. I'd love Cooper but it really seems like a pipe dream.

I think we as fans would enjoy Roy's candid attitude when dealing with the media as well. That has been one of our biggest complaints between Granato & Sacco, the way they vomit the party line at us after a game, good or bad.

Roy could really be a good face to bring back media attention, Roy just brings the right kind of personality and attitude to Colorado that we have been missing.

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