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Originally Posted by rt View Post
OEL, it sounds like you are talking about useful degrees like engineering. My mind was more about worthless degrees like business. Obviously you need to go to real school to get an engineering degree. For business? Not so much.
I see. I admit that my experience is mostly around engineering, with a bunch of friends with PhDs in chemistry and material science, one of them professor at UofA, the others in the private sector. In that area, online and for-profit degrees are jokes compared to even local state universities like ASU and UofA.

Also, I myself got a bachelor's in communication (useless) with a minor in computer science from a traditional university. I transferred to ASU and got accepted in their Educational Media and Computers department for a Master / PhD program. They waived out-of state tuition and employed me 20 hours a week as TA and RA. I ended up debt-free, paid about $ 1,000 / mo. There is no way in hell I would have had any of those opportunities had I spent my money on a fake degree from a diploma mill.

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