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03-18-2013, 03:34 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeyball View Post
You really are not listening to anything anyone is telling you are you? Boyle has almost no power over where he ends up, he can only select 8 teams he WILL NOT go to, that leaves 22 other teams he can be traded to. There will be interest, a fair amount, and teams will be happy to deal picks and prospects. Might even, you know, trade us a young prospect/player that could take up a top-6 role for cheap, imagine that.

There is no situation where we want Paul Martin, no matter how you look at it it makes us a significantly worse team. The ONLY reason we trade Boyle IS for depth, as in, picks, prospects, and cheap young players. Trading him for another defensemen is absolutely stupid. We don't even need Paul Martin, we have Burns, Vlasic, Stuart, Braun, Demers, and Irwin. Plus we have Tennysson, Acolotse, Albetshauser, Petrecki all needing NHL time in the very near future. Our defensive depth is extremely high.

We also have one of the best defenses in the league by the way, statistically, without Burns in the line-up even. We don't need defense.
Your team was hurt by it's defensive depth last year and added Stuart this off-season which has helped.

Remove Boyle without replacing his minutes and your D suddenly doesn't look so good. Burns is also always a health risk.

If your team is to deal him at the deadline their aren't as many teams as you'd think that would pay a premium for him. Remove 8 teams that he won't trade. Further remove a bunch more teams that don't see themselves as contenders. Further remove teams that can't fit his salary in for cap or real dollar purposes after this season. Further remove teams that don't have a need at RD. Further remove teams that aren't willing to pay the price to acquire him. Possibly further remove teams in your division or possibly even conference.

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