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12-23-2003, 10:08 AM
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Originally Posted by DanKordicsFist
What is the fascination people have with being "one of the only true fans"? If you're a human being you have an opinion. If the team isn't doing well your opinion is probably bad.

I love when people get on board the bandwagon. Popularity soars. There's more about the team in the press because more people are interested. I meet all kinds of people because of that common hope for a championship. When people fall off, I still watch and care and hope, regardless of how many other "fans" there are.

There is no way of judging "true" fandom and there are no prizes for being one
Yeah, when they lose I still watch the games too (or I did when I had cable) and still get excited & disappointed as anyone with an interest in a team would. Just the fact that a person has an opinion about the team they like, even if it is negative, shows that they care about what's going on. If I was like "whatever, they lost, whatever they won" then I guess the sport and the team really didn't matter to me. I'd love Philly to win the cup more than anything... but I just don't see it happening with the tenders we've got.

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