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Originally Posted by OEL View Post
You're full of wisdom aren't ya?

Well, if you're interested in something like a job with a decent pay, engineering and medical fields have been pretty safe bets for a while.

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed studying communication after coming from 2 straight years of 100% hard science. Interesting classes, fun people, I had a blast. But in terms of actual jobs and career opportunities, that field sucked.

So what else is there that gives you some bang for your buck? Accountant with a CPA is pretty good. It's still numbers though. I guess you can always become a teacher wit hour liberal arts degree. Any other job won't pay a whole lot more than not having a degree at all.
I said that because that's what you always hear. It's sort of a joke for people who are in hard science.

Liberal arts degrees aren't worthless. It's frustrating to see people claim business degrees are worthless when plenty of people get jobs with them. Most people with college degrees get jobs, the market has been suppressed the last ~5 years due to the recession. The issue is not the degree- the issue is the amount of people going to college. Everyone goes to college these days and most can find ways to afford them. Most people afford it through loans- student loan debt is over a trillion dollars. There are economists out there suggesting that the student loan debt is a bubble. A bubble that is actually bigger than the housing bubble was. That's a scary thought.

People are talking about how colleges like GCU are a scam. The entire college system is a scam right now because of how many people are going. It depresses degree value. In fact, its recommended now to get a 6 year degree instead of a 4 year degree. Colleges get as many people to go now as possible, its really easy to get into a state university and easy to get funding for it. The funny thing is I hear people talk all the time about how their degrees didn't teach them much and the corporation they were employed by provided the job training. Why get a degree, then, if the employer is going to train you anyway?

The issue is most employers require degrees for employment consideration. The whole thing is a racket right now and stems from economic structure where there aren't many other options for employment like manufacturing and such like the old days. Unless you want to get into retail or something but the middle-class instant-gratification generation wants lots of money without working ******-paying jobs with ****** hours like retail. Actually what I hear time and time again is not what you know but who you know, so perhaps only networking matters?

Many jobs these days require strong verbal and written communication skills which liberal arts degrees teach. That being said, hard science degrees like engineering and computer science are excellent and you can get virtually guaranteed jobs. Unfortunately many people are not mathematically inclined and their job prospects are low thanks to the economy, government loan subsidies and the amount of people going to college.

Saying that a liberal arts degree is worthless is plain wrong. Saying a hard science degree is preferable is accurate.

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