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Originally Posted by Spitsfan67 View Post
Yea and i heard a rumour that there is a deal in place, around Dekort+ for a good young goalie. I really find it hard to bieleve that someone would take Pavelka, he will be an O/A, Import Goalie.These are just for fun but here are some deals i would like to see if we were going for it next year:

To Sarnia:
Adam Bateman
4th Rd(Pick a year in the Future)

To Windsor:
Craig Duininck

We get a really good Over age Defensive Defensman back in Craig who wont throw up alot of points but boy is he solid Defensively, he will jump in front of every shot and will make the Defense alot stronger, Sarnia gets Bateman who has made some strides this season towards the end, i think it just isnt working out here in Windsor and a move to Sarnia who will be rebuilding more then likely with Boucher and Sarault moving on to pro, Adam will get a bigger role then here in Windsor, along with Bateman they get Kuchmey who has played stellar in Junior B and deserves a shot in the OHL.

To Windsor:
Daniel Altshuller

To Oshawa:
Jordan DeKort
Ryan Verbeek
Graeme Brown

Windsor gets a good goalie who can steal games and a guy you are confident in. Oshawa who like Sarnia will go into rebuild mode next season, they get a younger goalie who has just not worked out here in Windsor, and they get 2 younger players in Verbeek who has gotten better as the season has went on and he has some jam to his game and they get Brown who has looked solid so far in his games with Windsor.

To Windsor:
Brendan Gaunce

To Belleville:
Pat Sanvido
Ben Johnson
John Bowen(Throw in)
2nd Rd. 2014

Is this enough? if not what else would the spits need to add?...This would help the Spits because Gaunce is a great player and would help the offence big time. The Bulls might go into rebuild mode after this season with Subban, Graovac, and Quine all more then likely gone after this season, so this would let them bring in a big 6'6 defensive defensman who is young and i think will be a great Dman along With Johnson who is a good two-way player and is bound to break out offensively, and they get a second round pick next year.

I think if the Spits could pull the trigger on atleast one of these trades it would help them moving into next year.
I can see a trade with Oshawa stirring up.

They only have 1 Import on their roster, Simon Karlsson, and if he returns next year he'll be an OA too.

They also have 8 93's on their roster. Though some (Biggs, Jenner) will graduate, I can see us getting one.

What do you guys think about this?

To Windsor:
Lucas Lessio (Think he'll return?)
Joe Manchurek
Cole Cassels
Dan Altshuller

To Oshawa:
Jaroslav Pavelka
John Bowen
Ben Johnson
Adam Bateman
Graeme Brown

With Oshawa looking to rebuild (I think), this would get them a good deal of young players who could really find their stride, and a #1 in Pavelka.

As with Ben Johnson ... WOW.

A 16 year old? Eep...

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