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Originally Posted by Roadman View Post
That's the point "almost ready". Why is it that there is always this hue and cry to promote young prospects when they are almost ready? How about waiting until they are ready? Not one of those three have yet to play an entire season in total games played much less an entire season beginning to end. They have shown promise, they have shown they can play, but they still have room to grow and steps to take before you can call them NHL regulars.

This fans base has bemoaned the lack of system development, but just as soon as a young prospect shows some potential, the cry goes out to get rid of the "old" guys. Give it some time, nothing that lasts happens overnight. One of the things that JD has said on many occasions is that their intention is to not just make the playoffs once but year after year. That will take some time.

I have a hard time believing this new regime wants to be tied to all the long term deals of the old regime (RJ, Brass, Wiz, Tyutin, Jack)...usually regime change means some roster turnover as well as a coaching change

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