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Originally Posted by RayzorIsDull View Post
You still don't get it. I am using the term goody goody is in abiding by the rules. I know a person was charged with sexual assault he was 18, the girl is 16. I also know they taped off a crime scene which isn't always stand operating procedures in this case. Read the article again and start connecting the dots it isn't hard.
Then don't use the term "goody goody" because that has a totally different meaning. It's not exactly used in society to mean a good thing.

I also realize this doesn't look good and it probably happened, but I'm not about to jump to conclusions and throw him in jail until I know exactly what happened. I'm surprised you would, though.

You bet I will... it really is the same common denominator: mass consumption of alcohol. It takes very respectable people and turns them into complete animals. It's an environment that is just asking for trouble and an enviroment that I particularily dislike.
Sorry, have to disagree. I've worked downtown for years in over a dozen different bars/pubs and not every bar is the same. Not even close. Some have a definite poor reputation, but the three I work at now are never mentioned along with those poor rep bars (and I can count on one hand, the three bars combined, how many altercations I've seen). You may dislike bars for their environment, but believe me, they are not all the same.

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