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03-18-2013, 04:39 PM
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The Lambert article was not serious analysis, and we shouldn't expect anything different from PuckDaddy, which is like the HuffingtonPost of hockey sites (i.e. more interested in strong arguments than good arguments, page views than knowledge). I think he understates the odds of us getting in and makes his case by using the most unfavorable assumptions possible.

The way this team plays we might go 9-2-8, which would get us 54 points, which (realistically) should be enough given that there is no interconference play to raise the bar in the West.

I'm not saying this is likely, maybe only a 20% chance, but thats fine by me. You play to win, unless you're really bad. Lambert also writes that we are giving up a good chance of winning the draft lottery, which is not true. Even if we tank from here on, we can't tank faster than Florida, and probably not Colorado or Buffalo. It leaves with a 10% chance of winning the lottery, which doesn't justify the costs of losing.

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