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03-18-2013, 04:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Johnny Utah View Post
Kings are starting to lost the playoff image by subbing in guys like Toffoli for Nolan.

Bad enough Greene and Mitchell were replaced by Muzzin and offense to either but they are not stay at home, experienced guys who other teams hate playing agaisnt and respected through out the NHL.
I disagree with the Toffoli/Nolan. We have a kid that was tearing up the AHL and have players that are going to be UFA's, Penner being the big one. Can this kid replace him. We need to know that and quick. Since things at the NHL level are different. It also does well to get him up and show him he needs to put some more weight on. We are still one of the biggest and hard hitting teams in the league. That is a pain to play against. That controls the puck and forcheck. So where has the image gone?

As to Green and Mitchell guess good stay at home D must grow on trees. When your guys go down you replace them with what you have and where they are not the same they have done an OK job considering their ages. They are both under 25 and make at least 25% of what the other two guys make. And that is the real great thing about it. With young D mistakes are going to be make and with that we are still in 6th and have complete control over our playoff spot. A ROW win tonight we are back in 4th and hold the first tie break.

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