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03-18-2013, 05:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Double-Shift Lassť View Post
Apologies for singling you out. That phrase, not your specific use of it, bugs me. Implies one opinion is somehow superior to another. Who knows what the hell is realistic with this team? Rant off.
Understand that. Fair enough.

Who knows, that's why opinions are like ..... I will just stop there For me, I don't see this team going 13-4-2 down the stretch, but then again I would have never thought we would be on a 10 game point streak with 2 home games this week. Our current run of 6-0-4 added on to that 13-4-2, would be 19-4-6. That's one heck of a finish.

I would just hate to finish 9th or 10th in the West. That's my biggest fear. No playoffs and no Top 5 pick. Not a good situation. And a situation we have been in way too much here in Columbus unfortunately.

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