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03-18-2013, 05:28 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeyball View Post
Pretty sure I didn't say that, pretty sure you are putting words into my mouth.

Never said Brown is a bad person, just a doofus, used that word several times. He seems like a nice enough guy. I've even made a couple of pitches for trading for him. I just think he shouldn't be captain of the Kings, but it seems to be working out ok for them anyway.

Being a 'tool' simply means he's not the kind of person you would want to hang around. Doughty has a reputation for being kind of an egomaniac/standoffish. Perry off the ice seems fine, but it's his on ice behavior that I find reprehensible in this case. Brown just seems like one of those guys that try's wayyyyy too hard and is super obnoxious.

Why are we arguing about this? Does it deeply offend you that Jux and I would not want to hang out with Couture in real life? Or are you just being contrary for the sake of it?
I think he's arguing about it because it seems like you and Jux are saying that Couture's toolish off ice persona makes him not fit to be the face of the franchise. Just give him a few years to settle down, he's already mature on the ice.

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