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03-18-2013, 05:29 PM
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EA has been bad and getting worse since John Riccitiello has been CEO. So this is no surprise, I just wish it happened sooner - I am sure he was pushed out the door rather than did it on his own. I hope the new CEO does change some policy, most notably in regards to the DLC (nickel and dimeing) model their games have taken over the last few years.

Also, look at the massive failures of EA's AAA titles over the past few years (since he has been CEO).

DA2 was horrible and was never fixed
ME3 - while a good game was a disaster towards the end and needed a free DLC to make it better
SimCity - well we are all seeing this
Dead Space 3 - have not played (will be my free Simcity game) but was apparently a major dissapointment
Total rehash of their BF games, adding nothing or very little(have not played)
SWtoR - a disaster of epic proportions
Command and conquer - horrible
Crysis 3 - poorly rated (have not played)
Spore - major letdown

and the list goes on...

Sure the CEO does not make the games but he needs to have some idea of what is going on. This is some of the best news in gaming in a very long time. EA has so many great IPs and with someone who can oversee it properly would be great.

PS. Will be picking up Dead Space 3 for my free-bee

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