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08-02-2006, 01:03 AM
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I knew the storm was coming from a mile away (well litterally too)
I was waiting at the busstop with the guitarist i was jamming with when I saw a black cloud sweeping over the skies like a dark blanket and the birds were flying with it to flea from it as if they knew things were gonna go apes*it. Then out of nowhere a big gust of wind (maybe 50km/h +) swept through the street and picked up all the dust and debris (and perhaps small rodents) and blew all over our faces so we had to duck in the little busstop booth.

The bus came just when the lightning was starting to get heavy but it was just drizzling. WE got onto the bus and that's when the ***** hit the fan. The driver had to make an emergency stop to ask everyone to close the windows and and the emergency roof/slide thing. The visibility was close to zero and I was afraid we were gonna have an accident. I had to ask my dad to give me a ride at the metro because there was no way I was going back on a bus again. Unfortunately the visibility was too low for my dad to drive safely to Henri-bourrassa so I had to weather out the storm (again litterally)

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