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03-18-2013, 06:40 PM
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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
Do you read what you write?

I supported my post with actual stats. If Quick has sucked that bad, he wouldn't be 9-8-2. Not a great record, and not a very good save percentage either, but the bottom line is he has won games, and to state this team would be dead last if Quick had played the games Bernier did is factually incorrect.

My goodness its sickening how quickly you, and others, throw a guy under bus around here. Is he playing not so great right now? Yes. Is Bernier deserving more starts? Yes. But that's a far cry from saying Quick is downright terrible, sucks more than Paris, and would have us in the leagues basement if he had played every game.

And you guys call yourselves fans? Shouldn't that embody some level of loyalty, especially to the players who helped you realize a dream of seeing the Kings win a cup?
no no no!

Don't get me wrong, I Love Quick!! WTF man!! Just because I'm calling it as it is, does not mean I am not a Kings Fan. He is HORRIBLE right now. I hope that changes, but until that happens, Bernier is it. For the team bro!

If you switched your stats around, and put Bernier in, I think save % is all its about and we have at the least 4 to 6 more wins. You have to say what Quicks been doing in net, and in retrospect, what Bernier's been doing as well. Bernier's proving right now, that a goalie trade now would be silly. He's making a good play for number one spot on the team.

Just because we don't agree, doesn't mean were not fans. Go easy on poop flinging.

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