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03-18-2013, 05:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Clowe Me View Post
Warriors, arena wise or play wise, have never affected the kings or Sacramento. What people from Seattle in here don't seem to understand is that Sacramento has a lot of people and is it's own market. Warriors have always represented the entire bay and the kings have represented the entire valley. Two totally different areas, two different fanbases.
I think that's a bit presumptuous, more because of growth patterns than anything else. Many people moved to Sacramento with the intention of commuting to the bay, which was all well and good until Katrina and the resulting effects on gas prices. That doesn't mean Sacramento wasn't a viable market prior, just that the situation gets a bit complicated, people who grew up in the valley got priced out of the market for a while, the attitude of the population changes... and it gets harder to recover a fan base if the team's fortunes take a dip.

Oh, the second worst thing that could happen... ALMOST getting to the final, getting jobbed (probably in a criminal manner) in the process, then not being able to keep the team around. When expectations get raised, so do the stakes.

Oh, then the FIRST worst: I remember being able to pay less than $30 and sit 20 rows up in Arco when the Blazers came to town... early 90s. I remember the face value of tickets in the early 90s. I remember not having to spend so much, oh, maybe a little less than a generation ago. I kind of wonder if the NBA has priced itself out of Sacramento. On this, I'll add: if there was more competition in Portland for the Blazers, they could have priced out of the Portland market by now. The reasonably good seats in Portland are $140-160 face value. The valley isn't known for the kind of jobs you can get in Silicon Valley or San Francisco.

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