Thread: Speculation: 2013 NHL Entry Draft
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03-18-2013, 06:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Erick View Post
Regardless of who's picked, I hope Tallon's reasoning isn't similar to some of the reasons listed here, no offense.

We shouldn't pick a forward because he sells more tickets, and we shouldn't be reluctant to pick a defenseman in the 1st round because it never works (which isn't even true).

I would love to be the Nashville Predators, thank you. They've had great consistency over the years, and, all things considered, we should want to be them. We're likely not spending for a Marian Hossa any time soon like the Blackhawks did. So yeah, Nashville is fine with me. We spend in a similar fashion, we have Jacob Markstrom who many have compared to Rinne, etc.

Whoever the pick is, he better be the best player available. We need the best player available. I don't care if it's a forward or a defenseman. There are many who think Jones is that guy in this draft so to completely ignore him because of his position is weird.

Defensemen are valuable too, and franchise d-men aren't easy to find. Just as the examples listed, I can list a couple of examples of franchises with valuable forwards who have achieved nothing. If you want to be "exciting" and "sell tickets" like the Tampa Bay Lightning and Edmonton Oilers, be my guest. I'd rather be a winning franchise. Whatever it takes to be that.
Preds aren't built to win the cup.

I'll be the Chicago Blackhawks, thank you. They have a recent cup and are still built to win another cup right now. And on some nights, I don't know how, but they win without Marian Hossa.

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