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03-18-2013, 06:27 PM
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Originally Posted by MSRinkRat View Post
Oh and I'm just saying here... Winning percent is about the worst measure on a goalie I can think of. It's the SAVE Percent or at least GAA. Go do the math, if math is what you guys need. Put Bernier in all the games Quicks been in, add in his save percent and see what the scored are.

Look at the stats...

Quick GAA : 2.69 Save% .891 Quick is ranked 62 of 79 goalies in the league at save percent. His GAA is a comfortable 40th.
Bernier GAA : 1.94 Save% .916 Bernier is ranked 27th in save percent and 9th in GAA.

Oh and Bernier's 2nd loss is a lost stat. That game he let in 1 goal, which was a 2 on 0 break vs the sharks. He gave the team a chance to come back and make a game of it. If Bernier started that game, we would have won. Quick was just Horrible. That was Quicks loss if you ask anyone. So the WINNING % talk is WORTHLESS in the real world. This is NOT baseball.
Save % only matters with the proper context and the quality of shots faced. If Quick faces 10 shots from the slot and lets in 2-3 goals, it's gonna wreck his save %, but why was he facing so many shots from the slot? See what I mean?

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