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03-18-2013, 06:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Baby Blues View Post
Here's my comments I put on the other forum re: Hakanpaa:

I was watching Hakanpaa closely at the Sunday game. His minutes were somewhat limited so didn't stand out super good or bad. My observations:

1) He's a big boy: guess that's already known, could use some extra muscle weight for NHL, but he's not rail thin either.
2) He got drilled into the boards on 1st or 2nd shift...welcome to N.A. hockey
3) Several good tape to tape passes, head was up, finding the right outlet pass
4) Seemed to chase forwards in the d-zone vs playing his zone, perhaps a difference in style of play or just not practicing with new team
5) He wore #44 as this was Ford's # and he was recently traded. St. Patty's jerseys ordered well in advance. Ponich wears #4 and it was hard to tell them apart at times.

That's about it, don't recall any big hits or shots on goal.
Thanks for the update. Not standing out against a decent team in his first game isn't a bad thing.

Originally Posted by HooliganX2 View Post
Crazy rumor doesn't make sense to me. But who knows maybe it's true seems like a bad deal for St Louis since they own the Riverman unless they are losing to much money and our owners are really that cheap.
It's interesting. Vancouver have been interested in buying an AHL team for a while, and they don't have any issues with spending money on player development which probably makes them okay with a team in Abbotsford!

If we do sell Peoria, I won't be that critical. I'm guessing there will be solid business decisions behind it, and it isn't like it is going to hurt player development!

Seems a little bit late for all this talk and it to happen for next season, but who knows.

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