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Originally Posted by tazzy19 View Post
Your argument might have merit if Mario had scored over 100 goals in 88-89 instead of 85 goals. But the fact remains is that Gretzky scored MORE goals than Mario in a lower scoring year (in 83-84). I think the reason Gretzky's goal scoring dipped at age 25 has more to do with him scoring 163 assists than anything else. From that point on, he focussed on assists. And why the heck not? He set the single season scoring record (215 points) that year because of it....
Lemieux during the 80s/very early 90s showed he was at least in Gretzky's league. His 70 and 85 goal seasons with his weak wingers is at least in the same ballpark as what Gretzky was doing at his best with better wingers, his 69 in 60 is as good as anything too. If Gretzky has an advantage during their younger years in a high scoring era, it's only small. Where Lemieux really pulls ahead is his dominance past his prime when scoring was dropping. Gretzky was finished on the goal leaderboards before turning 30 and Lemieux kept clowning the league into his 30s. He scored 50, retired, came back years later and scored 35 in 43. He scored a goal a game at an age where Gretzky was jockeying for position with Petr Klima, Pat Verbeek and Dave Gagner. He was simply a much more able and versatile goal scorer, and unlike Gretzky he proved he could be the cream of the crop both at an advanced age and a different era. Put them both in today's league with the same skillsets they had and there's no comparison, goal-scoring-wise. Points-wise it would be a very close, they'd trade the Art Ross back and forth.

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