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03-18-2013, 08:03 PM
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Originally Posted by snarktacular View Post
I can say with near certainty that the team will be worse this year without Perry. The team has great chemistry with him. You take him out, you risk disrupting that. As you point out, there is a slight chance that new guy will have great chemistry... but it's only a chance and it has to be weighed against the certain drop of losing Perry. The best you could hope for is the team will be as good this year, and the odds are against it.
But there's no certainty that the player that is brought in to replace him won't have chemistry. Yeah it's more of an if since we know how Perry works with this group right now. But we really can't say for sure what will or won't happen. Look at the moves Murph made in 09. At the deadline everyone thought he was conceding the season and dumping but it turned out to make the team better.

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